Summer 2018 Playlist

SUMMER 2018 Playlist

Oops… It’s been about seven months since I last updated Musical Misfits. Here’s a new playlist!

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Public Relations in the Music Industry


Whether you notice it or not, you probably listen to music every day. It’s everywhere. You might listen to music during your daily commute, or hear it while you’re walking through the isles at the grocery store, maybe you play music while you’re cooking dinner. I’m actually listening to music right now as I type this.

When it comes to music we know what we like and where we can go to get the music we like. But have you ever thought about how the music you’re listening to made its way onto those sites/services? How did your favorite band or artist get so much exposure over the last year? Who helps bring your favorite artist to a city near you? Chances are there is a team of public relations professionals that helped make these things happen.

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